The latest malware review got approved. I had to revert to a backup from February 2016. Whoever messed with the site must have been thorough about hiding stuff all over the place in both the database and the php files. I have a better backup system in place now (like 95% foolproof)

Comments are disabled for now. I will probably re-enable them once the dust settles and I am confident that there isn’t any more weird shit going on. Feel free to discuss the comics on facebook or wherever else you want.

I am sending Brian the image files of the comics that are now missing, these files come with the dates for them so he can re-upload them easily. Comments made since February 2016 are lost. Sorry it took so long to fix, pretty busy with real life.

Last but not least, if your browser warns you a site is unsafe, it probably is. If that happens to us again, just let us know and stay off until we get it fixed. We won’t upload new comics if chrome or firefox are blocking us.