Onan for the 250th. I read some comment online somewhere in which someone said Onan was their favorite. It’s one of mine too.

I’m going to pretend there’s anyone out there who cares and say that the last year has been crazy for me. We adopted our daughter almost three years ago and that’s been wonderful but not without challenges and then last year I was applying for residencies in my last year of medical school and it was so stressful and disastrous; it was the absolute worst and unrelenting. We’ve recently moved and my work area isn’t set up yet and I was away from home for three months and we’ve been desolately poor and so I’ve completely neglected sending out fun-packs. But I fully intend to and beg your clemency and prize your patience.

I have managed to graduate from medical school and did secure a position in a residency program and so that is good, at least. dr. b. patrick, I suppose.

As always, thank you so much for continuing to read and extra special thanks if you read and comment or write. The kind words I receive mean the world to me; I’m very serious when I say they have an enormous impact on me. Thank you.