Holy shit an update! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but since I quit my job and became exclusively a student I have a harder time putting out comics than when I worked and went to school. I think all those hours of mindless labor spent thinking up comics helped me be more mentally active in my off-time. But now I spend all day thinking and when I’m done I just want to zombie out. And Netflix helps me out with this. While we’re talking about it: how good was A Serious Man? A masterpiece. Also, why didn’t anyone tell me how good In Bruges was? I was surprised. I also liked Shutter Island. The friends I saw it with hated it. I saw the “twist” coming from the trailer but it was still good. I figured the whole plot of Moon from the trailer too and it was still good. But I do just have less time in general, school has been very demanding. Anyway, I’m working on ES&D and should have two or more done this week.