So we were down for a bit. The main reason being I had recently changed my email passwords and my piece of shit phone stopped getting e-mails and also didn’t care to remind me that my password needed to be changed there as well. So basically I wasn’t notified about the problem until we had been down for what I estimate to be 16 hours. Sorry about that.

In order to fix this I’ve increased the amount of memory available to the database, in addition to that the number of concurrent connections the database will allow has been doubled. This should save us from reddit for the short term, but the site has been blowing up lately and I am currently looking for longer term solutions as well as a better notification system and automatic recovery. As a result these types of problems should be sharply reduced. Hopefully the next time we hit it big on reddit we’ll be ready to deal with it. But the only way to find out is if you guys submit even more of our links. Get on it.