A new comic and a ton of news! akimbo got an awesome shout-out from the Webcomic Beacon , specifically long-time supporter Tanya Higgins who I thought had given us up a long time ago and am super-pleased is still checking in occasionally. Eric D. Snider posted a link on his blog and also wrote an insightful article detailing his personal struggle with depression. In Bob & Bob movie news, kick-ass director Andrew Alonso has informed me that Bob & Bob will be showing at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival September 25. So if you’re in the area, please, check it out. I’m going to try to make down but I’m not certain yet. Or if you’re going to be in Philadelphia, October 27th-29th you can check it out at the Terror Film Festival where it and several people involved have received the following nominations: Claw Award Nominations:
Best Actor – Chris Burns
Best Actress – Megan DeSantis
Best Screenplay
Best Director

Best Dramatic Short

which is pretty awesome. I’m going to try to update more often but it may mean switching to black and white for awhile, which I hate.