You guys are incredible! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me through Patreon! I have had to change my pants repeatedly. Seriously, thank you so much!! I know I’ve been a fuck-up when it comes to bonus stuff for people generous enough to join the fun club. My plan is to send every fun club member an original piece of artwork and full access to a bonus material section of the site as well as the long-planned capper fun pack. Making comics is time consuming enough but I really underestimated the time and expense of making physical comics (even shitty ones) and mailing them out. All of the material planned for future fun packs will be uploaded to the bonus section. Patrons pledging at least $1.00 will have access to some of the bonus material and patrons pledging at least $5.00 will have full access (along with current fun club members). Your support has been an inexpressible help, making not only new comics possible but sometimes allowing me and my family to get through the month. Thank you so much!!